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10 Pieces of Clothing Older Women should Avoid

It is not unusual to walk around a mall or even on the street and find a woman dressed in an outfit that is not appropriate for her age. While it may be fun for some women to dress up, it’s not necessarily the same for others. While some women are good at styling outfits, some just aren’t. Sure some older women have great bodies and still insist on wearing trends meant for younger girls. The question is, should they be doing this? Here are some clothes older women should not wear


1. Message T-shirts

Sure they are amazing and you see celebrities wearing them every time but if you are well in your forties, you might want to stick to just a great cotton plain t-shirt that you can always just dress up or down. You want a classy look. The message t-shirts were fueled by Young Hollywood and were initially just a way for them to express themselves. Mostly, to express their frustrations.

2. Very trendy Jeans

When you get to a certain age, some denim styles just aren’t for you. If your jeans have patches, if they are ripped, embellished, super low-rise then that’s too much for an older woman. You will only end up looking out of place when you step out or even look like you are trying too hard to hold on to your youth. Go for more conservative colors and simpler cuts instead.

3. Ill-fitting or poorly constructed clothing

You should avoid anything that’s either too tight or too loose. Adjusting the hips of your pencil skirt to make it fit you better or fixing the hem of your skirt will certainly go a long way in making you look classier as you will be more kempt. Tight clothes only make you feel and look uncomfortable. People are bound to stare at you when your clothes are the reason you can’t even walk properly. Be aware of your size and just buy clothes that fit.

4. Costume shoes

Well, everyone, if not most people, is guilty of buying shoes that are not exactly practical. In other words, you cannot just wear them on a random day. Examples include stripper heels, clear plastic shoes or just a six-inch pair of stilettos that you know you can’t walk too far in. If you are older, just avoid these trendy or costume shoes and tone it down a bit. Get more comfortable pairs that will look classy. Get a wider heel for extra support. Remember as we age, feet lose their fatty cushion.

5. Micro mini skirts

Sure we see some older women wearing these micro miniskirts like Tina Turner right? The thing is, it depends on what you do. She can wear them on stage but honestly, an older woman will look ridiculous walking around in one of those. How about just going for a flattering and classy piece? A pencil skirt for example. It will allow you to show off just enough. You could just avoid anything that is four inches or more above your knee.

6. White, ribbed cotton tank tops

We live in a world where we see celebrities every time wearing things that younger girls should be wearing, even when they are older. Don’t get fooled into trying it out yourself. If you are in your forties for example, just avoid wearing those white, ribbed cotton tank tops. Instead, go for a scoop neck t-shirt from a reputable t-shirt maker. It will still help you show off your amazing figure but in the right way.

7. Excessive cleavage

As an older woman, you shouldn’t have the need to show off too much because sometimes, a little goes a long way. Leave that to the younger girls. You could always just go for a nice blouse, unbutton just a few buttons and that’s it. You will look sexy but classy that way.

8. Hair gadgets

Flowery scrunchies, cute little butterfly or banana clips and other whimsical hair accessories are just not right for a fully grown woman. They will make you look very ridiculous. Why would a grown woman be wearing something their five-year-old daughter would be wearing right? Keep your hair accessories subtle. You don’t want the wrong kind of attention.

9. Overly decorated handbags

It is not unusual to walk around and see younger girls or different kinds of celebrities on TV with large outstanding bags that are overly decorated. You should stay away from such. You do not want to be walking around with a bag that has bells and whistles attached to it. Sometimes, simple is best. Also, you don’t have to carry the biggest bag around. You should go for one that can carry your basic necessities and not your entire life.

10. Inexpensive and unflattering underwear

Many women do not know their right underwear size, especially when it comes to bras. As you age, your breasts begin to sag more and it becomes even more important to get good quality undergarments. Do not compromise on this. Remember, you get what you pay for. While sometimes a younger woman will get away with buying just basic undergarments an older woman should not take such chances. Stay away from visible or colored bra straps and avoid visible panty lines.

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