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Class 6 and 7 Annual Summative Assessment Routine 2023 (Final Exam New Schedule)

The authorities have recently released the Annual Summative Assessment Routine 2023 (Final Exam) for Class 6 and 7, as per the previous announcement. The PDF containing the complete details of the Class Six and Seven Final Exam routine can be downloaded by students and educational institutions to prepare for this year’s exams.

Educational institutes in Bangladesh are required to conduct annual examinations for Class Six and Seven in accordance with the guidelines provided by NCTB. DSHE has already prepared a manual and sample questions for this examination.

Class 6 and 7 Annual Summative Assessment

Annual Exam for Class 6 and 7 will be start from 5th November 2023 and continue till 28th November 2023. Here we attached Annual or Final Exam Routine for Class six and Seven in PDF and Word Format.

As per the previous instructions for implementing the government’s New National Curriculum, DSHE has released the Annual Assessment routine. Each day for each class will consist of three sessions, with each session lasting for 90 minutes.

Class 6 and 7 Annual Summative Assessment Routine

For each subject, there are two days allocated for preparation, and the third day is designated for the final evaluation. During the first two days, teachers and students will prepare, and on the final day, they will complete the last task.

Class 6 Annual Exam Routine 2023

According to NCTB’s Annual Assessment guidelines and exam routine, Class 6 Barshik Parikkha (Final Exam) will start from 5.11.2023. They will have three sessions every day, and each session will last for 90 minutes.

Please refer to the table below for details of the Class 6 Annual Exam Routine 2023.

Evaluation Preparation: 1st and 2nd Day Schedule

Date and DayFirst SessionSecond SessionThird Session
5th November 2023ScienceReligions (All)Digital Technology
6th November 2023History and Social ScienceArts and CultureBangla
7th November 2023Mathematics Well BeingLife and Livelihood
8th November 2023EnglishReligions (All)Digital Technology
9th November 2023ScienceArts and CultureHistory and Social Science
13th November 2023Mathematics Well BeingBangla
14th November 2023EnglishLife and LivelihoodVacation
First and Second Day Annual Exam Routine for Class Six 2023

Each scheduled day will be divided into three sessions, with each session lasting for 90 minutes. Students will prepare for the subjects based on the instructions provided by NCTB. Teachers will assist candidates in creating documents for the final day.

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Final Evaluation Day: 3rd Day Schedule

DateDaySubject Name
15 November 2023Wednesday Digital Technology
16 November 2023Thursday Religions (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kristian)
19 November 2023SundayScience
20 November 2023MondayHistory and Social Science
21 November 2023TuesdayArts and Culture
22 November 2023Wednesday Bangla
23 November 2023ThursdayLife and Livelihood
26 November 2023SundayMathematics
27 November 2023MondayWell Being
28 November 2023TuesdayEnglish
Final Evaluation Day Schedule for Class Six 2023

Class 7 Annual Exam Routine 2023

Similarly, students of Class Seven will also need to be present for the final exam starting from November 5th, 2023. They will also have a daily session of 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Class Seven students will have two days to prepare for the Annual Evaluation or Final Exam this year, with each subject having a session lasting 180 minutes.

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Class Seven 1st and 2nd Day Schedule for Evaluation Preparation

Date and DayFirst SessionSecond SessionThird Session
5th November 2023MathematicsLife and LivelihoodBangla
6th November 2023EnglishWell BeingDigital Technology
7th November 2023ScienceReligions (All)History and Social Science
8th November 2023MathematicsArts and CultureLife and Livelihood
9th November 2023Digital TechnologyWell BeingBangla
13th November 2023EnglishReligions (All)Science
14th November 2023History and Social ScienceArts and CultureVacation
Class 7 Annual Exam Routine 2023

On the first day of Class Seven, the 1st session will cover Mathematics, the 2nd session will focus on Life and Livelihood, and the 3rd session will be dedicated to Bangla. Another Mathematics session is scheduled for November 8th, 2023, and the 2nd session for Life and Livelihood will also be on November 8th, 2023.

3rd Day or Final Evaluation Schedule

DateDaySubject Name
15 November 2023WednesdayBangla
16 November 2023ThursdayLife and Livelihood
19 November 2023SundayMathematics
20 November 2023MondayWell Being
21 November 2023TuesdayEnglish
22 November 2023WednesdayDigital Technology
23 November 2023ThursdayReligions (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kristian)
26 November 2023SundayScience
27 November 2023MondayArts and Culture
28 November 2023TuesdayHistory and Social Science
Final Schedule for Class Seven Annual Exam 2023

Annual Summative Assessment Routine 2023 or Final Exam Instruction

The National Curriculum and Textbook Board has sent a letter to the relevant authorities, including DSHE (Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education), DME (Directorate of Madrasha Education), and TechEdu (Technical and Vocational Education), regarding the Annual Summative Assessment schedule for Class Six and Seven. In this letter, they have requested that the yearly final examinations be organized in accordance with the New Academic Curriculum in Bangladesh.

The Class Six and Seven Annual Assessment schedule has been issued to ensure the completion of all academic tasks and final evaluations for the 2023 academic year before November 30, 2023.

The necessary guidelines and assessment plans have already been dispatched through the Directorate of Madrasha and School to educational institutions at the submission level, falling under the Madrasa Education Department.

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This coordination aims to align learning activities with the available working days, facilitating the smooth execution of Class Activities within the specified time frame.

To ensure the timely completion of assessments, an annual comprehensive assessment schedule has been prepared for the sixth and seventh classes, spanning from November 5 to November 28, 2023, and this schedule has been shared accordingly.

It has been explicitly requested that the prepared annual comprehensive assessment schedule, accompanied by the necessary instructions for completing the Class Activities, be delivered to educational institutions operating at the submission stage under the Madrasa and Secondary Education Department.

Image below Annual Summative Assessment or Final Exam Instruction has been given

Authorities Letter

Final Exam Routine PDF for Class Six and Seven

If you are a student or school authority you may need this routine in PDF to print and distribute candidates. Just click on the button below to get it now.

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