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Smart NID Card Application and Registration Process in Bangladesh 2023

If you are a Bangladeshi citizen, you must apply for your Smart NID Card Application and registration process in Bangladesh. In the year 2023, NIDw has introduced a new update for the NID Card Application system. To obtain your new NID card, it is essential to follow the guidelines meticulously crafted and developed by the Election Commission of Bangladesh.

Any individual born in Bangladesh who has reached the age of 16 or older is eligible to apply for a new voter registration and a National ID Card or Smart ID Card through the services provided at services.nidw.gov.bd.

The National ID Card is of paramount importance for Bengali citizens, as it is required to access government services such as apply for a BRTA Driving License, opening a bank account, applying for a new passport, or upgrading to an ePassport in Bangladesh.


Smart NID Card Application

The Election Commission of Bangladesh has initiated the printing of Smart NID Cards, introducing a highly secure and advanced multi-layer card design. The application process for the Smart NID Card can be easily completed through the updated NIDw service portal.

Below is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for the ‘NID Online Application’ process designed specifically for new applicants. Additionally, you’ll find clear instructions regarding the necessary documents and guidance on how to obtain them.

Smart NID Card Application and Registration Process in Bangladesh [current_year]
EC NID Winds Service Portal

This article provides up-to-date and accurate guidelines for ‘NID Registration’ in Bangladesh, reflecting the current methods as of August 2023. Join us to discover the process of applying for a new Smart NID card as a Bangladeshi citizen.

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New NID Application 2023

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for the ‘New NID Card Online.’ Once you have turned 16 or older, you can conveniently submit your NID application form from the comfort of your home.

After completing the NID Card Registration process online, you are required to submit the printed documents to your respective Thana or Upazila Election Commission officer. They will contact you to schedule the enrollment of your NID biometrics and to capture your image.

Eligibility for NID Card Registration

If you wish to get a new Smart NID Card and intend to register for NID BD, you must fulfill the criteria provided below.

1. Must be Bangladeshi Citizen.

2. Age minimum 16 years.

3. Not applied for NID Card.

Required Attachments in NID Application Form

The NID services in Bangladesh require specific documents for the New NID application in August 2023. After successfully completing the Online National ID Card application on ‘nid service gov bd,’ you need to submit it along with the documents listed below.

1. Online Submitted NID Applications Printed copy.

2. Educational Qualification certificate copy including SSC or Dakhil Examination certificate.

3. Online Birth Certificate. (If you yet don’t have one just follow our easy guideline to New Birth Certificate Application and Download PDF free today.)

4. Your e-Passport, Driving License, and e-TIN number (If you have).

5. National ID Card or Smart Card copy of your Father, Mother, and Spouse.

6. Utility bill payment receipt, House rent payment slip, or Holding Tax receipt for prove address.

7. Nagorikotto Sanad, Chairman Certificate or Online Citizen Certificate.

Steps to Apply New Voter ID Card or NID Online Registration

You need to visit https://services.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/ using your mobile or computer’s internet browser. We highly recommend using Google Chrome for a seamless and uninterrupted experience while performing this task.

Let’s know the 6 easy phase to avail New NID Card in short. After that I will describe all of them in details. The steps are-

1. Open New acoount on Services NIDw Gov BD Portal.

2. Input required personal information.

3. Submit Online NID Application form.

4. Collect Needed Attachments and Submit to Nearest Election Commission office.

5. Complete Verification.

6. Enroll bio-metric information.

7. Download your expected Smart NID Card PDF from Online.

8. Collect your Printed Smart Card.

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Open New account on Services NIDw Gov BD Portal (NID BD Registration)

At first you have to visit Bangladesh NID Service portal (https://services.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/) URL and Register your account. Follow the image as example of NID BD Registration.

Click on ‘Apply’ button and start opening account for NID registration. Input your Full name in English and enter date of birth.

Type Captcha code shown in the image. Then click on ‘Bohal’ or ‘Continue’ button. An example given below for your better understand.

In this page you have to enter a mobile number. You can use anyone’s number. It is use for send verification OTP and NID related notice to you. Click on ‘Send Message’ after input mobile number. An OTP will be sent to the number via text message.

Note: The OTP will sent from 105. Be sure the text sms is from the number. Otherwise you may fall in difficulties to give other frauds servers. 

Enter your ‘Verification Code OTP’ in the OTP enter page. Then system will be user information page. Type an unique username.

Choose minimum 8 digit password including Letter, Number, Special Character for stronger security and note it in your dairy.

After successfully completing all the steps, you will be directed to your profile page on eservices.nidw.gov.bd. Here, you can review your detailed profile information and have the option to change the password you selected during registration.

Enter Personal Information New NID Card Application

When you completed registration on ‘Bangladesh NID System’ you will see a dashboard like above. If you can’t view this login using username and password.

To initiate a new NID card application, click on ‘Profile’ and ‘Edit’ button provide the necessary data for your national identity card. Please exercise caution, as submitting incorrect information could have negative consequences for you.

In personal information form you must enter your data according to Online Birth Certificate and Academic Certificates. If you have any passport follow this.

a. Personal Data

In the ‘Personal Details’ section of the Smart ID Card Application form, enter essential information about yourself following the steps outlined below. Please remember to input your data consistently with your other official documents. Failing to do so may lead to complications.

1. Self Data: Write your name in Bangla. The English version will appear as per your previous registration. Choose your gender (Male or Female). Select your blood group. Enter your Birth Registration Number. Your date of birth will be populated from the registration. Choose your birth location. Citizenship will be filled automatically.

2. Fathers Data: Enter your father’s name in both Bangla and English, following the information on his National NID Card. If your father is alive and has an NID number, please enter it. Enter your father’s voter number (if available). If your father has passed away, check the ‘late’ option and provide the year of death.

3. Mothers Data: Enter your mothers information as your fathers. If she is no more select on ‘Late’ option.

4. Sibling Information: If you have any brother or sister. Enter Their data including NID Number in this section in Bangla and English.

5. Spouse Information: Select your marital status and enter spouse data if you married. You can enter up to 4 wife or husband data in the form.

b. Other Information

In this section, you need to specify your educational qualification, profession, disabilities, and identification marks. You also have to provide your TIN Number, Driving License Number, and Passport number if applicable.

Select your religion and enter your telephone number if available. Your registered mobile number will also be displayed. Click on ‘Next’ button after this.

c. Address

1. Choose the country where you currently reside. Indicate where you wish to register as a voter. You can choose between your permanent address or present address based on your preference.

2. Provide your present address details. Begin by selecting the division, followed by the district, upazila, RMO, city corporation or pourashova, union, and mouza or village name. Enter the Ward Number.

3. Enter your permanent address similar to the present address. Include the village name, house number or holding number, post office name, and post code. Additionally, select the voter area.

Document Upload

Now you have to upload important necessary document to complete New NID Application. Most of the time system not required document upload but sometime it urgent.

You may need to upload your Online Birth Certificate, Academic Certificate, Parents and Spouse NID Card and Chairman Certificate. First scan all of them and attach where required.

I hope you have done Smart NID Card Application and Registration by follow our system. Please if you benefited. Feel free ask any question here.

BanglaDocs Team

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