SSC 2024 Short Syllabus PDF Free Download

If you are one of the SSC Candidates of 2024, this post is for you. Here is SSC 2024 Short Syllabus for PDF Download. Education boards in Bangladesh published a Short Syllabus for students attending Secondary School Certificate Examination 2024. We provided all subject’s short suggestions for this year. According to the government decision SSC Exam 2024 will be held following this.

Today I am here with the complete short syllabus for SSC Examinee 2024 in PDF and ZIP format. You can download all subject’s short suggestions and print them easily.

SSC Short Syllabus

SSC 2024 Short Syllabus PDF Download
NCTB Short Syllabus Circular 2024 – SSC 2024 Short Syllabus

The Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh has declared all short subject syllabus for helping students who are going to participate SSC Examination.

Authority has prepared a short syllabus for Bangla 1st Paper, Bangla 2nd Paper, English 1st Paper, English 2nd Paper, Mathematics, Religions, and Moral Education for All sections/groups of students.

Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Banking. There is also a History of Bangladesh and Global Emergence, Geography and Environment, Civics, and Economics.

This file also has all groups’ option 4th Subjects short syllabus. These are Agriculture, Higher Mathematics, and other optional subjects. All of SSC 2024 Short Syllabus is here.

SSC 2024 Short Syllabus

Authority will prepare all Education boards in Bangladesh for the next SSC Examination by following this Short Syllabus. It is considered a very important suggestion for SSC Candidate 2024.

DSHE published a circular on 24th April 2022 after approving this year’s SSC Short Syllabus 2024.

NCTB Memo No: 222/94/190G, Dated: 24/04/2022. In the light of the sources, the notification published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education on June 12, 2022, informed-

According to the decision of the meeting held on April 11, 2022, held under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Minister of Education, the reorganized syllabus of the SSC and HSC examination 2023 prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board has been approved by the appropriate authorities.

The revised syllabus is sent herewith, and instructions are requested to take necessary action in light of the revised syllabus.

SSC 2024 Short Syllabus PDF Download

There is a complete short syllabus for all subjects SSC 2024 for the reader of BanglaDocs. Just click the button below to get your copy of the 2024 SSC Short Syllabus in PDF and ZIP format.

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Credit: EduDaily YouTube Channel (SSC 2024 Short Syllabus)

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