School College MPO for October 2023 Published

Dear respected teachers of non-government schools and colleges in Bangladesh, there is good news for you. DSHE has just published the School College MPO list for October 2023 on its official notice board. We have collected the MPO Sheet and provided it here for easy download.

We understand how important the October 2023 MPO Sheet is for recognizing your dedication and hard work. With the published list, you can review your September salary, medical allowance, house rent, increment, and incentive status.

If you are a new teacher or employee of a non-government school or college under DSHE and have received your MPO Application Approval this month (October 2023), then a big congratulations from us.

School College MPO

School College MPO, also known as the “Monthly Pay Order for School and College Teachers and Employees,” is a government initiative aimed at recognizing and providing financial support to the teaching and non-teaching staff working in non-government schools and colleges across the country.

The MPO list includes names of educational institutions and their employees, entitling them to receive regular monthly salaries and benefits.

School College MPO
MPO – Monthly Pay Order Module on EMIS

Teachers and employees of recognized non-government educational institutes enlisted in the MPO list in Bangladesh are eagerly waiting for this notice from the authority. Here is the complete guideline, including the MPO Order, Sheet, and related files and information for you. If you are looking for Madrsha Boishakhi Vata MPO read this one carefully.

Non-govt. School College MPO Order October 2023

The Directorate of Secondary Education of MOE has just published an order regarding the Monthly Pay Order (MPO) for October 2023, intended for employees of non-government schools and colleges.

According to their declaration, teachers can download the MPO salary sheet for this month from the or website starting from 1st November 2023.

The MOE authority, on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh, has announced that they have already issued Payment Bank check and instructions to Agrani Bank, Janata Bank, Sonali Bank, and Rupali Bank’s head office for the payment of teachers’ and employees’ salaries for the month (School College MPO).

Teaching-related workers who have fulfilled their duties according to the rules and regulations can withdraw their MPO Salary from their own bank account until 10 November 2023. Otherwise, it may be difficult to receive their money properly.

See the image below to learn more about the School College MPO Order for October 2023 in Bangla. This is the actual official letter regarding this matter.

School College MPO Order September 2023

Please Note: Every month, DSHE issues a new School College MPO. Therefore, if you are referring to previous month’s letters here, kindly allow me some time to update the information. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to address this issue correctly.

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October 2023 MPO Sheet Download

To submit the bill for MPO Listed Teachers’ October 2023 salary, you are required to obtain the MPO salary sheet for the respective month. To alleviate the challenge of downloading a real and high-quality PDF file of School College MPO, we have made everything readily available here.

Just click the button below to download the School College MPO Sheet for 2023 on your PC or mobile device. Once downloaded, you can easily access your page and print it.

After accessing the MPO salary sheet for this month, carefully explore the contents and locate your institute’s name using the MPO index number. Then, print it using a laser or color printer for your reference.

They arrange the files in accordance with the MPO Nitimala of 2023, categorizing them by Bank Name, Zone, District, and Thana. You can easily find the files that meet your specific requirements.

3 Easy Steps to Download Each Month MPO

Every month, you no longer need to wait for teacher MPO news. You can effortlessly download each month’s MPO salary sheet by following this guide. Here are three easy steps to do it from the comfort of your home or office. After reading this you won’t need to worry about how to download the MPO sheet!

Step-1: Login to DSHE MPO Portal

Simply visit the website from your computer or mobile phone using Google Chrome or any other web browser. (We recommend Google Chrome since it allows easy access to Google Drive, where the School College MPO files are shared)

Firstly, check the notice board to see if any MPO Notice or Order has been published. If you couldn’t find any MPO news today, click the “All” button and explore the pages.

Step 2: Access The EMIS MPO Folder

If there is no news about the MPO teacher list, don’t be upset. Just scroll down and look for the “MPO Sheet / Brochure” button located next to the notice board section named “Urgent Hotlines / Citizen Charters / Links” Section.

Click the ‘MPO Sheet’ button and follow the next step. You will be directed to a page displaying all the monthly School College MPO files shared via Google Drive.

Hit the button corresponding to the month’s MPO List that you need. The authority has provided month-wise MPO Sheet links, and all you have to do is select the one that matches your requirements.

Step 3: Locate Bank and Zone-wise Google Drive Folder

Locate your Bank and Zone to download the desired MPO List. Then, simply press CTRL+P to quickly print it. You can save these files on your PC or mobile for future use, and best of all, they are completely free.

All Months MPO Sheet for Schools and Colleges

If you need previously issued Monthly Pay Order (MPO) files for any purpose, you are in the right place. Here, we provide all MPO Sheets for High Schools and Colleges in Bangladesh. Simply follow the table below to access and download your desired School College MPO.

[ninja_tables id=”1338″]


Hope this guide helped you to Download your expected School College MPO for September 2023. Please share this article with your friends so that they can easily do this task and benefit. We have collected this information from DSHE sources.

If you find any mistakes please inform us or any urgent help you can contact DSHE EMIS Cell personnel. Here is some urgent contact method for MPO-related queries.

EMIS Cell Facebook Page
MPO Support Email [email protected]
Support Officer Md. Ferozur Rahman, Assistant Programmer
Mobile Number 01723-636 003
DSHE MPO Helpline

EMIS MPO Sheet October 2023

EMIS MPO Sheet refers to a salary payroll file generated by the Education Management Information System software used by Non-government School-College authorities. This list includes the names of teachers and employees working in High Schools and Higher Secondary Institutes, along with their corresponding salary scales and payroll codes.

This EMIS MPO Sheet is a payroll document used by Non-government School-Colleges. It lists teachers and employees, along with salary scales and unique payroll codes. The sheet helps manage salaries and track attendance, ensuring transparency and efficiency in workforce management.

www emis gov bd mpo

People often search for their monthly MPO News using the term ‘www emis gov bd mpo‘ on search engines because this task is facilitated and maintained by the web app. Anyone can easily access their salary payment sheet through this app.

Follow the image below to learn how to download files from the www emis gov bd mpo MPO portal in your native language, Bangla.

www emis gov bd mpo download option

Just click on the ‘MPO Sheet/Voucher‘ option located below the noticeboard section on the website. From there, you can access and print the Teachers List for all months, spanning from 2020 to the present.

www dshe gov bd mpo

‘’ is another official site to download Online MPO Orders and letters. If you arrived here using the search term “www dshe gov bd MPO,” then this is the actual place to find what you need.

Below, we have provided an example to guide you on how to locate the teacher MPO list for this month on the website.

School Colleges Teachers MPO Voucher or Sheet from DSHE Website.

Find the MPO Section on the website where four buttons are available. You will see MPO Notice, Policy, and Sheet. Click on the MPO Sheet link to access your September 2023 salary statements.

FAQ for School and Colleges September 2023

If you have any questions regarding September 2023 MPO News or Related issues please read Frequently Asked Questions by our user.

What is MPO?

An MPO is a monthly salary statement for non-government educational institutes in Bangladesh. MPO stands for Monthly Pay Order. Every month Madrasha and the School authority publish this order.

When September 2023 MPO be available?

This a great news for you! You do not need to wait a long time to download School Colleges MPO. Just follow and book this post and get your expected MPO Sheet before all.

How to download the MPO Sheet?

To download every month’s MPO Sheet you need to log in URL,, or

Go to one of the above-given urls and find your desired month’s MPO Order and News. This is free to download. After downloading, the Zone-wise MPO List in PDF seek your institute by EIIN or MPO Index Number.

What is Dainik Shiksha MPO news?

Dainik Shiksha is an educational news publication website that collects MPO News from a trusted authority. They are directly not related to the DSHE MPO Order or anything else.

The DSHE Notice Board School College MPO for October 2023 was published 1st September 2023.

Education Management System
Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Bangladesh

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