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Step-by-Step Easy Guide to Applying for a Bangladesh e-Passport 2023

Bangladesh e-Passport Application and Getting a New Passport in Bangladesh Has Become Easier Than Before. Today, I will describe to you a step-by-step guide to applying for a Bangladesh e-Passport. The Government of Bangladesh has developed an easy and convenient environment for its citizens to apply for a new passport from anywhere in the world.

Anyone can fill out the Bangladesh e-Passport Application Online and no document attestation is required in this ( system. It is a very user-friendly and smooth web application.

Bangladesh e-Passport

Bangladesh e-Passport

Bangladesh became the 119th country in the world and the first in Asia to introduce e-passports on January 22, 2020. The government plans to gradually update MRPs to e-passports.

There is a significant difference between e-passports and the Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) that were previously issued. e-passports contain a polymer chip and an antenna.

The chip contains all of the passport holder’s information, and authorities can easily scan it to obtain the visitor’s information because it contains three types of photographs, all fingerprints, and eye iris data.

ePassport Validity, Distribution Schedule and Fees

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has decided to issue two types of e-passports, with two different validity periods. One type will have 48 pages and a validity of 5 years, while the other will have 64 pages and a validity of 10 years.

There are three different e-passport distribution schedules. The “Very Urgent” option allows applicants to receive their passport within two working days of biometric enrollment.

The “Urgent” option allows applicants to receive their passport within 7 to 10 working days. The “Regular” option allows applicants to receive their passport within 15 to 21 working days of enrollment.

ePassport Application Fee

Here is the complete e-Passport application fee for Bangladeshi passport applicants. Check the table below for more information on the passport application fee.

ePassport TypeValidityRegularExpressSuper Express
48 Page5 Years4,0256,3258,625
48 Page 10 Years5,7508,05010,350
64 Page 5 Years6,3258,62512,075
64 Page10 Years8,05010,35013,800
ePassport Fee for Bangladesh

Above mentioned e-Passport application fees are applicable if you want to receive you passport from Bangladesh RPO. But If you are from foreign country. You have to pay different amount of fees in USD currency. If you need urgent money for this payment you can take easy and instant bKash loan by City Bank Bangladesh.

There is two types of delivery method for other countries applicants. They can only choose for Regular and Express delivery option. Bangladesh Mission’s General Applicants e-Passport Fees are given below.

ePassport TypeValidityRegularExpress
48 Page5 Years100 USD150 USD
48 Page10 Years125 USD175 USD
64 Page5 Years150 USD200 USD
64 Page10 Years175 USD225 USD
Foreign Applicants Bangladesh e-Passport Fee

The Bangladeshi government offers a great opportunity for Bangladeshi mission laborers and students who work for wage earning and study. They can apply for a new Bangladeshi passport for a minimum fee.

For a 48-page ePassport with a validity of 5 years, they can apply for $30. For a 10-year validity, the fee is $50. If they choose express delivery, the fee is $45 for 5 years and $75 for 10 years.

If they need a 64-page Bangladesh e-Passport, they will have to pay $150 for a 5-year validity and $175 for a 10-year validity. Express delivery is also available for this type of passport, with a fee of $50 for 5 years and $75 for 10 years.

You can check e-Passport Application fee from ‘Bangladesh e-Passport Official Portal’. Here is details authentic data about this.

Start e-Passport on ePassport Gov BD

The only official and authentic website for applying for an ePassport online is (www epassport gov bd) Let’s get started on your online passport application form.

The homepage of the website has complete information about e-Passport applications and other important tasks.

It includes detailed steps, information for urgent applicants, instructions, and a status checker. You can also find contact details on the website.

Here I describe all 5 easy steps to apply for new e-Passport from Bangladesh. You can follow this guide if you are from other part of world.

Step-1: e‑Passport’s Availability Check

At the beginning of the online passport application process, you need to check if e-Passports are available in your Regional Passport Office (RPO). This is because not all RPOs are yet able to issue e-Passports.

To check, open your mobile or computer internet browser and type Click on the “Check Availability of e-Passport” button. Follow the instructions in the image to complete the check.

1. Check where are you applying from. Select ‘Yes’ if from Bangladesh and no for others country.

2. If you select “Yes”, you will see two fields. One is for selecting your district, and the other is for selecting your thana or police station. Select your district and thana from the dropdown menus. Then, click on the “Continue” button.

When you are applying for a passport from another country, you will need to select the country and the Bangladesh Mission name instead of the district and thana name.

Step-2: Fill in online e-Passport Application

Once you have confirmed that your nearest RPO is ready to print e-Passports, you can create an account on the ePassport portal. To do this, you will need to enter your email address and choose a password. You will use this account to check the status of your passport application.

Follow the step-by-step task guide carefully. Do not skip any steps, as this may result in an unsuccessful application. If you encounter any problems, please refer to the guide again to continue your Bangladesh e-Passport online application journey.

Task-1: Create e-Passport Account

The first task is for the process is create an account on Bangladesh ePassport Official portal. Follow the instruction below to do this task easily.

Email Address, Password and Personal Information Submission

1. Enter your active Email Address and tap or click on ‘Continue’ shown in the first image.

2. Now its time to enter your e-Passport Bangladesh Account information. First choose a password with minimum 6 character. Consider using mixed with Number, Upper and Lowercase letter for make more stronger.

Type your Surname and Given name as per your National ID Card. If you yet not have any do it by Smart NID Card Application and Registration online from EC Bangladesh. You can apply for e-Passport by submitting Online Birth Certificate.

Remember given name is your First Name and Surmane is Second Name. Full name will be appear in full name box from your inputted data.

In mobile number field first country code where you leave now the enter personal mobile number. This mobile number will be used for send verification and e-Passport Bangladesh related notification to you.

Now click on ‘Create Account’ button after check captcha verification that you are not a robot.

Bangladesh e-Passport Account Activation

An email with ePassport account activation link will be sent to your submitted email. Check your mailbox. If noting in inbox have a look in spam folder. Click on ‘Click Here‘ to activate your account.

You will be redirected to ‘www epassport gov bd’ website and get a message that will confirmed that your account ready to sign in.

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